What would fill BC Place stadium 23 times? The readers of The Vancouver Sun and The Province. In the average week, our printed editions are read by 64% or 1,246,500 of Metro Vancouver adults. In fact, we have more weekly print readers now than we did five years ago. To put this in perspective the highest rated TV Show ever was the 2011 Super Bowl with a reach of 48%* We reach an audience with a higher-than-average income, who are well educated and are actively in the market for products and services and can afford to purchase them.

A great newspaper ad can shock you, disturb you, make you laugh out loud on a crowded train, bring a tear to your eye, charm you into doing something unexpected, make you visit a website for the first time, persuade you to buy a $10,000 watch or a 50 cent piece of fruit. It can challenge your prejudice, shift your opinion, make you consider a brand that was never on your radar or reevaluate one you known for years. A great newspaper ad can change your day, your week and your life.” - Rob Burleigh, Weiden and Kennedy

Source: NADbank 2010/11
Source: *(Nielsen Ratings quoted from Fox News Feb 7th, 2011)

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