Tips for Writing Ad Copy


  • Advertising is most effective when it’s easy to understand.  Keep it simple and straightforward.
  • The first sentence of copy should repeat the main benefits and back them up with proof.
  • Stay light, lively and pleasant in copy tone.  Try to make it sound like a conversation.
  • Use simple words.  The more syllables in a word, the slower the reading process.
  • Break copy into short sentences, a max of 17 – 20 words.  Paragraphs should also be kept short.
  • The lead paragraph should be the shortest one, with the strongest punch.
  • Include just enough information to persuade your prospect to act on the offer.
  • Think about who the customer is when you write copy.  Speak to their lifestyle, emotions, desires and concerns.
  • Before writing copy for an ad, list the selling points you want to include.  Organize them in a clear logical, persuasive, list.
  • Avoid using gender if something is aimed at both men and women.
  • Length of copy depends on several things. How new is the product?  Have people seen it before?
  • Read your copy aloud to ensure it makes sense.
  • Be as specific with copy as possible.  It’s better to tell the reader what colours are available rather than say “assorted colours”.

Source: NAA

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