Tips for Copy and Layout

  • Is there a dominant illustration or headline that instantly telegraphs your message?
  • The reader should be able to tell at a glance what your ad is about.
  • Does the ad have a distinctive, recognizable format?
  • Would readers recognize your ad even without the store name?
  • Does the ad have a recognizable logo?
  • Your logo should be distinct and remain the same in every ad.
  • Is the ad well-orgnzied and easy to follow?
  • A poorly organized layout makes it difficult for the reader to follow.
  • Is the ad suitable for good newspaper reproduction?
  • Make sure you follow our specs.
  • Does the illustration demonstrate a benefit or show the merchandise in use?
  • Help the reader visualize using the product.
  • Is the headline aimed at your target audience?
  • Be sure your prospects know you’re talking to them.
  • Are there benefits or news in the headline?
  • If your headline doesn’t give the reader at least one reason to buy, write another headline.
  • Is the copy written in terms of the benefits?
  • Make the readers feel that your merchandise will do things for them.
  • Is the copy complete and specific?
  • Your copy should provide enough details that the reader can easily buy.

Source: NAA

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