Ten Steps to Creating Effective Ads

There are no rules to creating outstanding advertising but there are some steps that seem to work.

  1. Make your ads easily recognizable.
    Make your ads distinctively different in appearance than those of your competitors.  Keep your ads’ appearance consistent.
  2. Use a simple layout.
    The layout should carry the reader’s eye through the ad message easily from headline, to illustration, to explanatory copy, to price, to the store’s name.
  3. Use a dominant element.
    A large picture or headline ensures quick visibility – photos of people win more visibility.
  4. Use a prominent benefit headline.
    The first question a reader has is, “What’s in it for me?”  Make sure you tell them.
  5. Let white space work for the ad.
    White space focuses the reader’s attention on the ad and will make the headline and illustration stand out.
  6. Make copy complete.
    The copy should be enthusiastic and sincere.
  7. State price or range of prices.
    Readers often overestimate omitted prices.
  8. Specify branded merchandise.
    Manufacturers spend large sums to build their brand – capitalize on it.
  9. Include related items.
    Make two sales instead of one.
  10. Urge readers to buy now.
    Tell them what to do.
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