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Benefits of Advertising in The Vancouver Sun and The Province

  • Reach – one ad in our 
newspapers can reach more adults in the Lower Mainland than any other advertising vehicle.
  • Valuable environment – we provide the facts and are 
THE source for credible information. We break stories that are picked up by other news outlets.
  • Proven – advertisers keep 
coming back to us because they’re seeing results.
  • Image building – we offer a quality environment which matches the image of your brand.
  • Influential – we are second only to a spouse for influencing thought and action.
  • Impact before purchase – when consumers are ready to buy, daily newspapers have the biggest impact.
  • Targeted – ads can be placed within sections to reach a specific demographic.
  • Consumers want 
the ads – readers turn to us for the advertising content as well as the editorial.
  • Committed readership – our readers see the value in our products and are therefore willing to pay for it.
  • Audience attention – our readers aren’t multi-tasking while they read. We’ve caught 100% of their attention.
  • Frequency – You can advertise often which allows you to quickly build reach against your target audience.
  • Timely – you’re able to get your ads into the paper in as little as two days, allowing you to respond to changing conditions and market opportunities.
  • Attractive audience – 
we have exceptional reach against adults who are well-educated and have high incomes – they can afford to buy your products and services.

Advertising: 10 Easy Steps

Tips for Improving Return on Investment of Your Newspaper Advertising

Have a Goal/Plan

  • Knowing what you want to accomplish is half the battle in creating good advertising.
  • See your advertising from the customer’s perspective.
  • Sometimes we are too close to our business to understand how customers see our offerings.
  • Imply benefits not featured in your advertising.
  • With lower interest rates, I can afford a more expensive home.

Sweat the Details

  • Hours, locations, credit cards, etc., are small things we too often take for granted.
  • Time your ad properly. This ad ran during hockey playoffs and made the point succinctly.
  • Balance frequency with your budget. Very few people are in the market for your goods and services at any particular moment in time. The more often and wider you cast your net, balanced against fishing where the fish are and your budget, the better off you are.

Be Consistent

Remember that you will get tired of your advertising a lot sooner than your customers will. Try to be consistent with your sizes, templates, type style, format etc.

Consider the use of Attention-getters

Use white space, illustration/art and colour to draw attention to your ad.

Track What Works for You

The more you measure the results of your ads, the more likely you are to repeat successfully what has worked for you in the past. Use the Calendar provided for this purpose.

Be Strategic with Your Ads

If readers’ eyes move from top to bottom and left to right, consider that flow.

Source: NAA 2004 Newspaper Advertising Planbook

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