Layouts That Attract Customers

Have the courage not to cram the page with information. Use white space creatively. Sometimes less is more!

If you have any questions about creating effective ad layouts please send us your questions or comments via our online contact form or contact your Advertising Account Executive to learn more.

Quick Tips

A clean, crisp layout works best - Use the basic principals of design as they relate to layout: proportion, balance, contrast, movement & unity.

Show your product in use - This helps the reader visualize how the product will work.  Clothing ads are more effective when they show the merchandise on a model.

Go for an uncluttered look - Key points should stand out.  Limit the use of typefaces, no more than three in an ad.

Use white space - White space directs the eye and allows it to focus on a particular element in an ad.  Twenty-five percent white space in an ad is the optimum.

Have a good size illustration - Showing the product attracts more readers.  Readership increases even more with the number of visuals in an ad.

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