Creative Advertising Brief

We are pleased to offer our creative team to create your ads at no charge. In order to do the best job possible, please provide us with the information as per our overview below.

If you have any questions about creating an advertising brief for your advertising campaign please send us your questions or comments via our online contact form or contact your Advertising Account Executive to learn more.

Creative Brief Overview

Contact Information:

Provide a brief description and a link to a site or an easy-to-access source for more information:

  • Background/overview – what’s going on in the marketplace?
  • Purpose of the campaign – what effect should the ad have on consumers?
  • Description of target audience – what demographic do you want to reach?  Is there a secondary audience?
  • Single-minded message – what is the key take away?
  • Support – explain why the consumer should believe what you say and why they should buy.

Media - how is the message going to be delivered: newspaper, newspaper website, e-newsletter, mobile, targeted magazine, etc…

Tone and Manner - pick three adjectives that suit such as: positive, smart, approachable, dependable, clean, friendly, innovative, modern, fresh, trustworthy, conservative, leader, reasonable, cheerful

  • Timing – what do you need from the creative team and when?
  • Illustrations – do you have any illustrations that should be included?

Executional Mandatories - list of “must haves” such as number of ads, type, colour or black & white, size, logo, address, phone number, website.

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