Benefits of Advertising With Us

Newspapers work. It’s as simple as that. We know it works. Newspapers draw attention. There’s an immediacy to it. There’s credibility to it.”
- Sunni Boot, President and CEO of ZenithOptimedia

  • Reach – one ad in our newspapers can reach more adults in the Lower Mainland than any other advertising vehicle.
  • Valuable environment – we provide the facts and are THE source for credible information.
  • Proven – advertisers keep coming back to us because they’re seeing results.
  • Image building – we offer a quality environment which matches the image of your brand.
  • Influential – we are second only to a spouse for influencing thought and action.
  • Impact before purchase – when consumers are ready to buy, daily newspapers have the biggest impact.
  • Targeted – ads can be placed within sections to reach a specific demographic.
  • Consumers want the ads – readers turn to us for the advertising content as well as the editorial.
  • Committed readership – our readers see the value in our products and are therefore willing to pay for it.
  • Audience attention – our readers aren’t multi-tasking while they read.  We’ve caught 100% of their attention.
  • Frequency – You can advertise often which allows you to quickly reach your target audience.
  • Timely – you’re able to get your ads into the paper in as little as two days, allowing you to respond to changing conditions and market opportunities.
  • Attractive audience – with have exceptional reach against adults who are well-educated and have high incomes – they can afford to buy your products and services.
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