Sampling Programs

In addition to your core print and online campaign, we offer an opportunity to get your message into readers’ hands at the street level through our sampling programs.

Sampling Programs

Transit Reach Program

Pacific Newspaper Group’s extensive distribution at Canada Line and SkyTrain stations provide a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach Greater Vancouver commuters.  Each day, our team distributes copies of The Vancouver Sun or The Province. It’s a great opportunity to communicate your exclusive advertising message in our “top banner” format, as it’s the first thing that commuters see upon receipt of the paper!

The “hanging banner” is a very large banner running on the top of the front page of The Vancouver Sun – and for The Province, it also runs on the back cover of Sports!

We can even brand our team in your apparel and distribute your product samples.

Product Sampling

Our on-site promotional teams can promote your product alongside our special subscription offer. We can also include your coupons, samples or brochures in swag bags or have you provide a prize at our events.

Subscriber Loyalty Program

This four-part program offers a contest, ticket offers and giveaways, subscriber events and merchant discounts.

Trade Show Marketing

Sponsor a three-week gift subscription to The Vancouver Sun or The Province and we’ll give you a mention, hand out your marketing collateral and/or product sample. Plus, we’ll place a sticker on the newspaper on the first day delivery of the gift subscription.

Conversion Program

Every household that takes a gift subscription will be contacted with an offer to subscribe. Each time a subscription is sold, we will give our new subscriber a $25 gift card from your business which means added revenue and traffic to your store or product offering.

Corporate Community Programs

Subscriber Rewards

As an additional marketing vehicle, we offer a marketing opportunity through our loyalty program reaching our large subscriber base.  This three-part program, consisting of monthly sponsored contests, special offers and events, provides a unique opportunity for exposure in both newspapers and in both contest micro websites for The Province ( and The Vancouver Sun (

The Province Subscriber Perks and The Vancouver Sun Rewards Program offers:

  • Monthly Subscriber Contest
  • Giveaways
  • Ticket Offers
  • Special Events

Newspaper in Education

The Vancouver Sun and The Province Newspapers In Education Program is dedicated to supporting literacy in B.C. communities by providing educators with access to our print and digital editions to assist in teaching, reading, writing and thinking skills through the use of our newspaper coverage.

Programs available for sponsorship include:

  • Vacation Donation Incentive Program
  • Newspaper In Education Community Sponsorship
  • Curriculum Guide Sponsorship

For more information, please visit the Newspaper in Education websites.

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