Premium Positions

In the world of real estate, there’s an age old adage: location, location, location. Our premium positions are the equivalent of waterfront real estate, garnering the most attention from our readers.

Front Page Banners

The front page of the newspaper carries the biggest stories of the day and the front page banner is the most prominent position in the entire newspaper.

Index Lugs and Earlugs

Index lugs, located on the front page of The Vancouver Sun and earlugs in the top corners of section fronts, combine the pricing of a small space ad with the impact and targeting capabilities of section front positioning.

High resolution images: WDHD Earlug (jpg) | Sun Index Earlug (jpg) | Province Earlug (jpg)

Page 2 & 3

The breaking news story of the day usually continues off the front page, making the following pages highly desirable ad positions.

The Vancouver Sun
A2    3 columns x 95 lines
A3    up to 10 columns x 100 lines

The Province
A2    9 columns x 82 lines

High resolution images: Sun Page 2 (jpg) | Sun Page 3 (jpg) | Prov Page 2 (top: 56 lines jpg) | Prov Page 2 (bottom 83 line jpg)

Vancouver Sun Gatefold – Open the Gate with Massive Impact

A gatefold is the best opportunity to have your advertising message be the first thing that readers notice.

A gatefold is the half-page flap that goes across the front page of The Vancouver Sun with a corresponding gatefold on section D.  It includes the flap (front and back) and both the inside and outside back covers.  It is offered every day with the exception of Thursdays. High resolution images: Gatefold Front (jpg) | Gatefold Inside double truck (jpg) | Gatefold Back Cover (jpg)

Section Front Banners

With high impact, a section front banner puts your message front and centre with our readers.
Banners give you exclusivity, visibility and a targeted audience. High resolution images: Movies Front (jpg) | Canada/World Front (jpg) | Health Front (jpg)
High resolution images: Vertical Banner (jpg) | Travel Banner (jpg) | Head of the Class banner (jpg)

The Province Wrap – Wrap Up it All Up

Let hundreds of thousands pairs of eyes see you first.  With a front page vertical banner, inside front and back pages as well as the outside back page you have premium positioning in The Province whether readers turn to the sports or the news first.  Available all six publishing days. High resolution images: Front Page (jpg) | Inside Pages 2&3 (jpg) | Back Page (jpg)

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