BC 2035 – A Guide to Our Economic Future

The Vancouver Sun Newsroom Sets an Ambitious Agenda

It’s an ambitious editorial agenda to educate our readers about the industries that drive our economy, the challenges they face and what we need to accomplish if we are to secure a prosperous and healthy BC economy from now to 2035. It is helping people to understand what these industries represent to the province not only from an economic or labour/employment standpoint but also at the consumer level.

Understanding how jobs and income is created will help firms have the “social permission” to open mines, build LNG plants and shopping malls, expand port facilities and construct new roads and bridges. Those activities, in turn, will help employ lawyers, accountants, marketing and ad professionals and environmental consultants in Metro Vancouver. So all firms have a stake in getting the social permission necessary to operate in B.C.

In The Series

Series Overview - April 28
• Mining - May 11
• Energy - June 23
• Forestry - July 7
• Sustainability, Waste Management & Green Tech - September 29
• Infrastructure P3, Construction & Transportation - October 27
• IT & Technology - November 2012
• Shipbuilding - January 2013
• Trades, Training, Education & Labour - February 2013
• Healthcare - March 2013
• Election Prerequisites - April 2013

Cover Note

“To raise the incomes of British Columbians, we need to not only increase the number of jobs, and overall employment rate, but elevate the quality of jobs. Moreover, we have to tackle the province’s mediocre productivity record because achieving a higher value of gross domestic product for each hour worked (the standard definition of productivity) is how wealth is created. All of this poses a daunting challenge that should drive policymakers to take the necessary steps to support economic development and business growth.

The Vancouver Sun series titled “BC 2035: A guide to our economic future” will examine the challenges and opportunities facing various sectors of the economy –mining, oil and gas, transportation and construction, high tech, waste management, health and education – which will lay the foundation for future prosperity and social and environmental sustainability.

We hope to set the agenda so that our political leader will have to deal with these substantive public concerns as we move towards the provincial election in May, 2013.” - Fazil Mihlar, the Business Editor of The Vancouver Sun

Previous Editions for Download

BC 2035 Overview (PDF) - April 28, 2012
BC 2035 Mining (PDF) - May 11, 2012
BC 2035 Energy (PDF) - June 23, 2012
BC 2035 Forestry (PDF) - July 14, 2012
BC 2035 Garbage (PDF) - Sept 29, 2012
BC 2035 Infrastructure and Growth (PDF) - October 27, 2012

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