The People of Metro Vancouver

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Vancouver as the Most Livable City in the World. The landscape, recreational opportunities, cultural diversity and the world class educational facilities are all contributing factors.

As a result, Metro Vancouver has seen steady population growth and, with a population of more than 2.1 million, is now Canada’s third largest urban area.  The growth is driven primarily by immigration, with more than 40 per cent of the population speaking a language other than English at home (Cantonese, Mandarin and Punjabi are the most commonly spoken). At 8.5 per cent, Vancouver has the largest share of mixed race couples of any Canadian city.

31 per cent of working age people in Vancouver have a University degree and 57 per cent have a university or college education, versus the Canadian average of 48 per cent.

Vancouverites are ranked as the wealthiest in the country with a net worth of $572,988.  Much of that wealth is driven by housing prices, which have seen a 19-per-cent increase over previous year and now average $763,000.

Vancouverites enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle, with the lowest smoking and obesity rates in all of Canada. The easy access to the outdoors helps promote this lifestyle.

Activity Type Percentage
canoe/kayaker 23%
downhill skier 18%
play baseball 9%
cross country ski 8%
golfer 24%
attend BC Lions’ games 15%
jog 32%
hike/backpack 38%
attend Canucks’ and Giants’ games 34%
ice skate 25%
enjoy fishing 17%
camp 35%
play soccer 11%
are boaters 26%
exercise at home 37%
are bike riders 49%
are swimmers 52%
are walkers 80%
snowboarder 11%
play hockey 7%
exercise at a fitness club 64%
snowmobile 7%

And they also enjoy just having fun, an evening out, a quiet time in the garden or something more cultured.

Activity Type Percentage
attend museums & art galleries 42%
garden 40%
attend casinos 34%
attend live theatre 39%
attend rock/pop concerts 29%
enjoy clubbing 31%
go to the movies 74%
enjoy fine dining 71%
of gardeners 70%
attend the symphony 24%
attend jazz concerts/festivals 17%
go to the ballet 18%

Source: NADbank 2009

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