Tai Yang Bao – 温哥华太阳报

Taiyangbao.ca - VancouverSun.com Chinese Language Website

Almost three quarters of Chinese Canadians in Vancouver were born outside of the country which means that English is not their first language. Most were born in the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region), Taiwan or Vietnam.

We’re going to build on The Vancouver Sun’s strong reputation by engaging with the Chinese community in their own language. We’ll give the local Chinese community, its leaders and other participants a new way to consume and engage with our news. Chinese Canadians are online with 66% actively surfing the internet and spending an average of 15 hours per week doing so.

Taiyangbao.ca is a mix of local news (real estate, municipal and provincial government, immigration, automotive, fashion, entertainment, food, editorials), national and Asia-focused coverage along with a least 13 bloggers.

The site is in simplified Chinese, for People’s Republic of China audience and can be switched to traditional for the Hong Kong and Taiwanese audience.

Here’s an opportunity to reach a highly desirable new target audience segment for your business. And we’ll create the ads in Chinese at no additional charge.

Contact your advertising account executive or send us an email: adinquiries@sunprovince.com

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