Digital Ads – Creative Specifications

The information provided on this page will assist you in development of online ad materials for Postmedia and its affiliated networks.

In most cases, the IAB Canada Ad Specifications and Guidelines are applicable (see below). Please ensure your online ads meet these specifications before submitting to Postmedia.

If you have an inquiry regarding the information provided on this page or require assistance with implementation of the clickTag in your ad units, please contact PNG Creative Services at

IAB Canada Ad Specifications and Guidelines

IAB Canada - In-Page, In-App, Full Screen Display (Jan 2015) PDF Format Download
IAB Canada - Rising Stars Ad Units Website Review

Postmedia Network Ad Specifications and Guidelines

Wallpaper Ad Unit (Dec 2014) PDF Format Download
Wallpaper Ad Unit Photoshop Template (Dec 2014) PSD Format Download

Templates – CUAP Flash Ad Units

Leaderboard - en_728x90_template_c01.fla (CS3) ZIP Format Download
Big Box - en_300x250_template_c01.fla (CS3)
ZIP Format Download
Tall Block - en_300x600_template_c01.fla (CS3)
ZIP Format Download

ClickTag – Flash Ad Units – Postmedia Network (+ Yahoo)

If you are developing a Flash-based online campaign to run on the Postmedia network (and/or Yahoo network) you need to embed the clickTAG below to create a .swf file which will be compatible on both of these networks.

The clickTAG is the tracking code assigned by the ad serving network to an individual ad. It allows the network to register a click once clicked upon. This click-through data is reported to the ad servers so advertisers may determine the effectiveness of their campaign.

Flash-based creative must have the variable “clickTAG” implemented correctly within each submitted .swf file to run on our network.

This can be implemented within a CS3 or higher .fla (using AS2, Flash 9/10) by creating a new layer within your timeline, placing an invisible button the same height and width of the stage and assigning the following clickTAG action to the button:

on (release) { if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == “http:” || clickTAG.substr(0,6) == “https:”) {
getURL(clickTAG, “_blank”);

We have provided a selection of Flash CS3 templates above to be used as a technical reference for the development of your ad units. If you require assistance with implementation of the clickTag in your ad units, please contact PNG Creative Services at

Expandable/Rich Media Ad Units (Expandable/Video/Floating)

If you are developing an online campaign requiring ‘rich media’ ad units to run on the Postmedia network you need to ensure you are hosting your material with one of the following recognized, third-party media vendors: 24/7, Ad Centric, Atlas, Blue Streak, DFA (Postmedia uses DFP, the internal redirects are required), Clip Stream, EyeReturn, EyeWonder, EyeBlaster, Klipmart, Mediaplex, Point Roll, Real Media, Unicast and Zedo.

If your third-party media vendor is not listed above, please contact Postmedia Ad Operations at

As an alternative to developing and hosting your campaign with a third-party media vendor, the PNG Creative Services team can assist in the creation of your ad units and deliver to Postmedia Ad Operations on your behalf through Google DoubleClick.

If you have an inquiry regarding your rich media campaign or would like to more about what services are available to you, please contact PNG Creative Services at

Transitional (640×480)

Size (max): 120kb
File Types: .JPG | .GIF | .SWF
Expandable Stage (max): 500×500
Time limit (max): 10 second message that launches on it’s own ‘transitional’ page prior to a user entering the newspaper websites
Flash Frames Per Second: 30 FPS or lower (18-24 FPS recommended)
Important Note: A default image (jpg or gif) must be provided with all submitted Flash SWF creative (max 40kb)

Story Tool Sponsorship

Size (max): 40kb
Type: 135×42 including text as well as a client supplied logo
File Types: .JPG | .GIF
Placement: Available on all story pages within the newspaper site

DART-served as an exclusive sponsorship booking


An advertorial consists of an introductory paragraph which resides on any one section front. The intro paragraph then clicks to a story page.

Intro Paragraph requires up to 450 characters and 1 image (120×90 pixels). Story Page requires up to 2000 characters, 3 images (460 x 300 pixels) and 5 links within the article.

Client also owns all ad units on the story page (leaderboard + top & bottom big box ads). Please refer to leaderboard & big box specs at the top of this page for build requirements.

100,000 leaderboard impressions will also run on website during advertorial timeframe. Please refer to leaderboard specs at the top of this page for build requirements.

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