Digital Ads – Production Deadlines

Deadlines for Digital Ad Material

The working version of all creative and corresponding URLs must be received by our Ad Operations traffic team as follows (As per IAB Canada):

  • Standard Creative (gif/jpg) must be submitted to the publisher 3 business days prior to live date
  • Rich Media Creative (Flash), video creative should be sent to publisher at least 5 business days prior to live date

Note: If the advertiser or design agency is using a third party vendor to serve ad creative, it is recommended that details be submitted to vendor 10 business days prior to live date.

All enhanced creative material requires testing and approval by our Ad Operations team. This process may take up to 72 hours. Once creative has been tested and approved (if enhanced creative), please allow an additional 72 hours prior to campaign launch in case of difficulties which may require troubleshooting by Ad Operations.

Quick Checklist Prior to Submitting Materials


  1. Files are built in .jpg, .gif or .swf (Flash) format
  2. Files are maximum 40kb (in most cases)
  3. Saved as per the ‘File Naming Convention’
  4. Ensure the required ClickTag Code is implemented
  5. If submitting flash files, ensure the required backup .gif or jpg file to the flash ad is provided
  6. Once everything on your checklist is complete, .zip creative into a single package and using our upload form.
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