Audience Reach Network

The Vancouver Sun and The Province are thrilled to launch our new Audience Reach Network program, extending our digital audiences across 10,000+ sites popular with British Columbians. Several targeting options (demographic, geo or behavioral) plus specific category targeting, mobile, video and re-targeting are available under this program. Premium above the fold placements sets our Audience Reach Network apart from other network buys. We make it easy to capture your specific consumers at scale in your desired trading area.


Network Reach: With access to more than 10,000 web sites, our Audience Reach Network is one of the largest digital network audiences in British Columbia.

Precise Targeting: The Audience Reach Network combines the effective targeting capabilities found only in most local, site-direct buys with the mass audience reach of a network, making it simple to buy effective digital media campaigns at scale.

Premium Placement: Unlike most networks, Audience Reach Network’s ad positions feature mostly above the fold placement, ensuring they will be seen.

Multi-Channel: We have partnerships with the leading online video publishers, media sites and mobile allowing you to buy cutting edge campaigns at critical mass.

  • Category Targeting : Target readers on content specific sites
  • Audience Targeting : Target by location, demo, online behaviors & category on specific sites.
  • Re-targeting : Re-engage potential customers who have already visited your website
  • Mobile : Reach potential customers based on location and interests
  • Online video: Deliver engaging online video campaigns in an uncluttered environment
  • Social Media: Target consumers on Facebook based on interests

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