Colour Specifications


Everything is printed 4-colour process CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). Text must be set to overprint on a colour background.

We need at least four days notice when booking colour ads. At the time of booking it’s imperative that colour specifications are provided as this will determine where in the paper the ad will run and what colour positions are needed for that issue.

If you have to cancel a colour booking, please give at least two days notice.

Reading the Colour Code

Colour Code Example: 0AA2 (RED WITH 20% BLACK)

  • The first digit in the code is the cyan dot percentage. 
The 2 represents 20% cyan.
  • The second digit in the code is 
the magenta dot percentage. 
The 5 represents 50% magenta.
  • The third digit 
in the code is 
the yellow dot percentage. 
The A represents 100% yellow.
  • The fourth digit 
in the code is 
the black dot percentage. 
The 1 represents 10% black.

When using Pantone colours please include the CMYK values. You can create most colours by combining various percentages of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Please use a 100 line screen. Do not use four colour black for text and/or elements.