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The is the largest, most robust B.C.-based online news and information outlet. Our newsroom breaks news online first and posts local and non-local content to the Internet all day long, seven days a week. You can sign up for breaking news alerts to be emailed directly to you.  You can also download our shortcut  onto your BlackBerry which places on icon on the desktop and allows you to instantly access our mobile site.

But the site isn’t simply text. You’ll find Sun-created videos and photo galleries, blogs, podcasts, audio files, interactive features and multi-media presentations, as well as Global BC video, movie trailers, maps, guides, TV listings, weather forecasts, BC Ferries information and your daily horoscope –  in short, everything you need to plan your day.

You can check the value of your stock portfolio and the traffic on your commuter route. You can enter a contest or send a letter to the editor.

We are also increasingly interactive. You can help assign a story to a reporter, send us video and tips, vote on which comic strip we should add, discuss news with our journalists and newsmakers and watch our editorial board interview a visiting dignitary. More web pages are being dedicated to science and technology, health, movies, music and more.

If all the content from our site was to be printed in our newspaper, The Vancouver Sun would be hundreds of pages each day. And we will only get larger.

The Vancouver Sun and The Province Work with Online Advertising

  • Almost 40% of internet traffic is going to a newspaper website.
  • Newspaper website users spend twice as much time online than other internet users.
  • 69% of newspaper website users access the internet from work every day, compared with 26% of general internet users.
  • Newspaper website users are younger, better educated and more ethnically diverse compared with online audiences in general.
  • 84% of newspaper website visitors researched goods and services online during the past six months, compared with 52% of general internet users.
  • As a medium, online advertising is as likely as TV to influence purchases made by internet users. Advertising in newspapers remains the most influential of all platforms.
  • Most Canadians look at a newspaper site more than once over the course of a day as we break news continually throughout the day.
  • For newspaper site users in Canada, 39% look at a newspaper site two or more times over a day.
  • Local newspaper websites rate better overall than other local media competitors in terms of being trustworthy. Research found local newspaper sites ranked first for trustworthiness followed by TV and then online portals (only 11% found portals trustworthy).
  • Our credibility lends trustworthiness to the advertisers on our sites.
  • 75% of newspaper online users have gone online to find out more information about something they’ve seen on a newspaper website.
  • Newspaper site users are shoppers – they take action and buy. Almost half of newspaper site users have been inspired to buy a product or service because of an ad they saw on a newspaper site.

Source: Canadian Newspaper Association

Profile of An Online Reader

  • 6% are 18-24
  • 21% are 25-34
  • 30% are 35-49
  • 20% are 45-54
  • 22% are 55+
  • 54% have a household incomemore than $60K
  • 54% are male and 46% are female
  • 37% have kids in the home

Source: ComScore, Total Canada, April 2010
**SiteCatalyst May 2010

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